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Announcing the Winners of the Seaport Community Mural Project!

My office and the New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) are pleased to announce the winning designs in our Seaport Community Mural Project. These designs will be applied to structures that are part of the Interim Flood Protection Measures (IFPM) program, which will be installed along South Street in Manhattan’s South Street Seaport neighborhood. Below are the winners.

Andrea Bass, New York, NY:

Brenda Berkman, New York, NY:

Ebony Bolt, New York, NY:

Anna Fleury, West Babylon, NY:

Jennie Jones, New York, NY:

Kaayla Lee, New York, NY:

Deanna Lee, New York, NY:

Jennifer Lei, New York, NY:

Mia Marais, New York, NY:

Annemarthe Mewes, Berlin, Germany:

Naima Rauam, New York, NY:

Nicolas Shi, Washington, D.C.:

Ulrike Zollner, New York, NY: