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Brewer, leading preservationists call for reforms to landmarking process

As Rizzoli Bookstore prepares to close and the fate of its building unknown, Brewer calls for preservation of remaining “icons from another era.” Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and representatives from the New York Landmarks Conservancy and the Historic Districts Council called April 4 for reforms to the landmarking process on the heels of the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) refusing to consider landmark status for the Rizzoli building at 31… Read more

Brewer praises March 26 passage of intern protections bill

Unpaid interns deserve protections against harassment, which is why I am proud to have co-sponsored today’s City Council bill to unsure they enjoy the full protection of the New York City Human Rights Law. In more than 30 years of public service, I have had over 1,000 interns. They have been invaluable – and we should value them in turn. Background: BP Brewer first introduced the interns protection bill in… Read more

Borough Board budget priorities

Education, housing, and transportation are the top three budget priorities according to a Manhattan Borough Board survey – with responses from all 12 Community Boards and nearly every zip code in Manhattan. “As the City sets its FY 2015 budget, Manhattan residents surveyed expressed deep concern over the City’s looming budget challenges – not least of which are preparing our schoolchildren for the 21st century economy, ensuring there is enough… Read more

NOTICE: Manhattan Borough Board meets Thursday, March 20

The Manhattan Borough Board will meet Thursday, March 20, 2014, at 8:30 A.M. in the Manhattan Borough President’s Office, 1 Centre Street, 19th Floor South, New York, N.Y. — and the meeting will include a public hearing on the board’s statement on borough budget priorities. The Borough Board the will hold two votes: (1) On the Borough Board’s statement on borough budget priorities; and (2) on a resolution supporting Int.… Read more

Brewer praises expansion of paid sick leave signed into law by Mayor de Blasio

This is a great day for New York, because expanding paid sick leave makes for a healthier city. Since laws are only effective if those they govern understand their rights and responsibilities, I look forward to an active role in educating both workers and employers. A successful roll-out will require broad community outreach to implement the best practices that have worked in cities that have already enacted paid sick leave.… Read more

Additional legislative efforts

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer on March 12 co-sponsored additional legislation in the City Council: Int. 150-2014 – with Council Member Lander: Amending the City Charter to allow instant run-off voting. Int. 151-2014 – with Council Member Lander: To establish minimum neighborhood service standards and require environmental mitigation reports on certain large-scale developments. Int. 152-2014 – with Council Member Lander: Harassment protection during building conversions. Int. 163-2014 – with… Read more

Brewer criticizes Albany proposal on charter schools

Gale speaking at a rally criticizing Albany proposal on charter schools Last I checked, the Mayor was still in charge of New York City Public Schools. It would be a mistake for Albany to disregard its own laws by forcing the City to provide public space for all charters or else require the DOE to pay charter rent for private space.  Our City doesn’t benefit from Albany’s meddling; it can only breed resentment and the vast majority of New Yorkers will… Read more

Brewer co-sponsors four bills

Pressing forward with an active legislative agenda, Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer on Feb. 26 co-sponsored four pieces of legislation in the City Council. All were reintroductions from her time in the Council. Int. 89-2014 – with Council Member Levin: A bill to require the Department of Social Services to provide semiannual reports to the Council regarding referrals to adult protective services. Int. 108-2014 – with Council Member Rose: … Read more

TESTIMONY: Webcasting Technology

Testimony at the New York City Council Committee on Technology Hearing on the Implementation of Local Law 103 of 2013 Requiring that All Public Meetings Be Webcast February 24, 2014 Good morning, my name is Gale A. Brewer and I am the Borough President of Manhattan. Prior to being elected Borough President, I served for twelve years in the City Council, including eight years as the Chair of this wonderful… Read more

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