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B.P. Brewer statement on International Women’s Day

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer issued the following statement on the observance of International Women’s Day: “The first February Women’s Day observance was in 1909, right here in New York, in recognition of the 1908 International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union strike. More than a century later, the struggle for recognition and equal rights for women in the workplace and society as a whole continues, and is entering a critical… Read more

B.P. Brewer and West Side elected officials raise concerns over threat to Garment Center

B.P. Brewer and West Side elected officials wrote to leaders of the City Planning Commission and Economic Development Corporation (EDC), raised concerns over planned zoning changes for Manhattan’s Garment Center and urging the agencies to delay their plans and consult more thoroughly with garment industry stakeholders. The planned zoning text amendment would scrap protections for industrial and manufacturing spaces the garment and fashion industries rely on, and pins those industries’… Read more

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