- Gale Brewer - https://www.manhattanbp.nyc.gov -

B.P. Brewer Prepared Remarks at Equality NY’s Rally Against Proposed Transgender Military Ban

The people in the White House want to divide us.

They want a war over who gets to be a real American. They want a war over who gets to be a person.

Gender identity, just like sexual orientation, just like race, just like where you were born, has no bearing on courage, excellence, or professionalism. Trans Americans have the right to serve just like everyone else.

Fear and distrust are what this White House keeps going back to because this White House is run by weak men who are afraid of what America is.
America IS diversity. Gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, birthplace…we’re all different in so many ways, and those differences are our strength.

These weak men are afraid of America. They are afraid of us.

And they should fear us, because we are going to go to court and fight them, and we are going to the ballot box and put them out of their jobs.
Now we need to call this what it is: bigotry and discrimination.

We must be outraged. We must be united. AND we must NEVER stop fighting.

Injustice toward anyone is injustice for everyone.