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Press Releases

B.P. Brewer Statement on the Passing of Wayne Barrett

It’s beyond irony that the world’s single greatest expert on Donald J. Trump died the night before Trump’s inauguration and will no longer be available to us.

Wayne Barrett was, as a journalist, simultaneously excited about the new Trump stories about to unfold and, as a citizen, sad for the country.

I was surprised and thrilled to see him at the opening of the Second Avenue Subway a few weeks ago. He was the most popular person there– and there were hundreds of people attending! He always knew exactly what to tell each person; I got an earful about buildings in floodplains. I remember every conversation with him– I don’t always remember everyone else’s– because they were that serious, substantive, and memorable.

Everyone in the world will miss him, but especially those of us who knew him. My heart goes out to his wife Fran and the rest of his family.

It’s up to the reporters, officeholders and activists who were inspired and constantly challenged by him to continue his legacy of speaking truth to power.

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