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B.P. Brewer to FCC Chair: Undermining net neutrality could push American jobs overseas

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer wrote to [1] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit V. Pai, arguing that undermining net neutrality would threaten jobs and undermine American tech-sector leadership.

“Businesses and innovators depend on equal access to the internet, where they are charged for the amount of data they can upload and download regardless of the type of data or that data’s point of origin or destination. And contrary to the assertions of some large internet service providers, there is no evidence that preserving net neutrality has reduced their incentive to invest in infrastructure,” wrote Borough President Brewer. “Allowing internet service providers to price-discriminate based on ‘what kind of data goes through the pipe’ rather than simply ‘the size of the pipe’ will make our country a dramatically less attractive environment for investment and job creation in the tech sector.”

The full letter is available here [1].

Net neutrality is the principle that all data on the internet should be treated the same by service providers, and that users cannot be charged different rates or given different levels of access based on the content of the data they are uploading or downloading, or the equipment or platform they are using.

Under Mr. Pai’s leadership, the FCC is moving to unravel rules designed to protect net neutrality in the United States, including those classifying internet service as a basic telecommunications service and subjecting providers to Title II of the Federal Communications Code. This would produce a system that offers unfair advantages to incumbent businesses, stifles innovation, and fleeces consumers.

Brewer served as the founding chair of the New York City Council’s Committee on Technology and authored New York City’s 2012 Open Data Law. She is a noted leader on municipal engagement with and support for the tech industry.