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Brewer, Manhattan Borough Board Call on City to Erect Zero Net-Energy Building in Manhattan, Endorse ‘Passive House’ Green Building Standards for Incorporation in Building Code

Video of the Borough Board meeting is available here, and the Borough Board resolution can be viewed here.

At a meeting led by Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, the Manhattan Borough Board adopted a resolution endorsing ‘passive house’ building standards for ultra-energy efficient buildings and called for the city to undertake construction of a public project in Manhattan that complies with passive house standards.

“Manhattan is the center of the universe and our real estate is priced like it – but that means there’s nowhere that investments in smarter, greener construction are more prudent,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer. “We should promote the newest and best construction methods to lower our energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and counteract the urban heat island effect in our city. We can start by building a public ‘passive house’ project right here in Manhattan as an example to the real estate industry and the public that a greener, more energy-efficient tomorrow is possible today.”

Passive house standards are a rigorous set of design standards for buildings that require little to no energy for heating or cooling. The standards can apply to both new construction and renovations of existing structures, and can be adapted to residential, commercial, and other uses. Read more…