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I joined NYCHA and tenant leaders to accept a donation of 100,000 masks for residents

I joined NYCHA Executive Vice President Gerard Nelson and NYCHA tenant leaders Bernadette McNear and Rhonda Bennett to accept a donation of 100,000 three-ply surgical masks from SC Health, a US-owned medical supply vendor at NYCHAs Rangel Houses development, to be distributed to NYCHA residents throughout Manhattan.

I applaud SC Health for its civic mindedness in making this donation. These masks will help New York stay a national leader in “flattening the curve of COVID infections just as the national infection rate is exploding.

“As New York City continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, NYCHA’s focus on the health and safety of our residents and employees has been unwavering,” said NYCHA Chair and CEO Greg Russ. “We greatly appreciate this donation of 100,000 3-ply masks from SC Health and our local community leaders who will distribute them, as we work together to keep our community and our city safe and healthy.”

SCHealth donates masks at Rangel Houses on Thursday July 23 2020

(left to right: Caputo, McNear, Beys, Bennett, myself and Nelson)

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hit New York City hard, but New Yorkers are tough. We have responded by coming together to support each other, strengthen our communities and help to ensure that we all stay safe and healthy. We’re pleased that SC Health, which donated the masks, and local community leaders are working together to get 100,000 masks into the hands of Rangel Housing residents and the NYCHA employees who are working everyday to keep residents healthy,” said Michael P. Beys, on behalf of SC Health.

“Everyone is naturally concerned about the virus,” said Rangel Houses Tenant Association President Bernadette McNear. “These masks will help reassure all our residents that they are staying safe.”

The mask delivery occurred at Rangel Houses this morning, and the first batch were immediately distributed to scores of residents at the regular Thursday delivery of food boxes from Fresh Direct as part of the Citys GetFoodNYC distribution program.