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Press Releases

Brewer Responds to Sen. Ted Cruz’s Anti-Manhattan Remarks

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer issued the following statement in response to remarks made by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) to ABC News Monday evening:

“We are one city and one state. Our heritage is diversity and tolerance, and our values are community and fair play.

“As for how we govern: we do our best to feed the hungry, house the homeless, teach our children, build safe communities, and ensure everyone in our city has a chance at the American dream. If Sen. Cruz has a problem with any of that, he probably should not work in government — any government.”

ABC News quoted Sen. Ted Cruz as saying the following on Monday night: “As I travel the country here in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, everyone knows what New York values are… It’s the values of the elite liberals that have done enormous damage to New York and they’re a bunch of cops and firemen and hardworking men and women in the great state of New York who are fed up with the out-of-touch values of Manhattan.”

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