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Brewer salutes new leaders for Black History Month

[1]It’s no secret that we’re living through a storm. The progress we’ve made toward correcting injustices in our society is looking more fragile than we hoped, and we are being challenged as racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and transphobia once again rear their ugly heads. But a new wave of activists is rising to meet those challenges and fight injustice on a variety of fronts, and they are lighting a path forward for all of us.

For our Black History Month celebration this year, my office honored five inspiring young black leaders who, each in their own way, are on the vanguard of this new wave of activism, and invited them to share their stories at a reception on the soundstage at Harlem’s world famous Apollo Theater.

The honorees included:

The event also opened with performances by the Addicts Rehabilitation Center Gospel Choir, a storied and inspirational group integral to one of New York’s largest drug rehabilitation and recovery programs. Photo album [2].