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Brewer statement on Mayor’s expansion of arts education

“The arts are essential, and I applaud the Mayor and Council for adding $23 million for arts education to ensure more in-school programs for underserved schools. Key steps must include improving the Department of Education’s Annual Arts Survey to fix inaccuracies – so that we know what is really going on in our schools and can guarantee that schools have equal access to the resources they need. My report ‘Arts Forward’ looks at ways to close the gaps at the City’s public schools and improve funding formulas. In particular, we need to do more to raise the prominence of arts in middle schools as we have done with the sciences, and integrate arts education with English Language Learner (ELL) programming.”


BP Brewer on Tuesday called for more and better arts education in City schools in a new report – while also announcing $20,000 in grants to help fund in-school arts partnerships and a series of arts mixers to connect the borough’s public schools with the City’s top museums, cultural institutions and programs.

Click here to see the full report.

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