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Press Releases

Brewer statement on the Mayor’s State of the City Address

Paid sick leave means better workers, healthier workplaces, and a shift to preventative instead of costly emergency health care – and the Mayor is right in seeking to expand it to more workers.

I also applaud the Mayor’s jobs plan to expand science, technology, engineering, math, and health-care education at City high schools and CUNY – and connect every high school with a specific, in-demand industry. After all, children who grow up here should be full participants in the City’s strength.

And like the Mayor I am committed to ensuring that the people’s interests are accounted for in every real estate deal made with the City. Building in Manhattan is a privilege. Communities and developers must collaborate on smart development that takes into account the impact on roads and subways, school enrollment, recreational spaces, business diversity and all the things that make developers want to build here in the first place.

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