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Policy & Initiatives

Brewer steps up street-level analysis of traffic dangers to halt fatalities

To help put an end to the city’s tragic traffic fatalities, I’ve called on Manhattan Community Boards to identify and submit lists of their top traffic hotspots. We’ll use the lists at my first meeting of the Borough Service Cabinet next week, to ensure specific problems get specific solutions.

Citywide proposals such as lowering the speed limit will help, but a plan that will work has to be detailed and comprehensive. That means working with Community Boards and the Department of Transportation, as well as NYPD. It’s past time to eliminate traffic fatalities in New York City. I support Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Vision Zero’ plan and look forward to submitting a master list of these hotspots to his traffic task force. We have the will, and together we will find the way to stop these traffic fatalities.

Given that the CB’s are closest to the ground in each neighborhood, they are in a key position to report on problems in their jurisdictions. My office will cross-analyze their data using all available metrics, and follow through with City agencies – all of whom send representatives to the Borough Service Board. Solutions would include improving signage and signals, fixing dangerous traffic patterns, and stronger enforcement of speed limits.

My office will connect the dots, and together we will make Manhattan safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

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