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Capital funding grant applications available now!

Each year, as part of the budget process, Borough Presidents are mandated by the City Charter to receive a portion of the city’s capital budget (under a formula that accounts for land area and population, which is why Brooklyn and Queens have larger capital budgets!) for capital funding– purchase or improvement of fixed assets such as buildings or other infrastructure. Each B.P. then allocates that funding within their borough to city agencies, cultural institutions, or nonprofit organizations that have applied according to each office’s own process and priorities.

Those applications are now available, and the deadline for submitting applications is February 27, 2014. Please visit my new Budget & Grants page for links to the applications and essential information about qualifying for grants. My budget staff strongly urges that any organization planning to complete an application schedule a meeting to discuss your project. Please see the main budget page for information on scheduling a meeting.

These grants are absolutely essential to maintaining a City as large and diverse as New York. Our nonprofit, cultural, and school communities are the lifeblood of Manhattan, and grants sustain their important work. Through our capital allocations, we are able to support needed infrastructure and community improvements that have a lasting benefit for our City.

My budget staff strongly encourages any organization planning to complete an application to schedule a meeting with them to discuss your project. Please see the main budget page for information on scheduling a meeting.

We will be rolling out several new maps this year to illustrate the impact of our grants process on the Borough, and updating the budget page with the status of each project. Your input is always appreciated on how we can make this process even better! Please use the links at the bottom of the main budget page to provide any suggestions on how we can inform you better!