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Brewer announces 2020 Census initiatives

Gale Brewer talks to a seated crowd Today Deputy Borough President Aldrin R. Bonilla and I led the first meeting of the Manhattan Complete Count Committee, an effort designed to ensure everyone in Manhattan is counted in the 2020 Census. The Committee includes leaders from labor groups, non-profits, business groups, and others. I also launched a first-of-its-kind funding initiative, dubbed ‘Manhattan Counts,’ for creative solutions to reach undercounted groups. Cities like ours, with diverse populations and large… Read more

Taking on a new role with the National League of Cities

Gale smiling with National League of Cities sign There’s strength in numbers and partnering with other urban leaders means we can amplify our voice when it comes to pressing issues facing New Yorkers and people around the country. That’s why I’m happy to join the Human Development federal advocacy committee of the National League of Cities. The committee focuses on a wide range of issues, such as social services, children and learning, poverty and income support, employment and… Read more

Fresh Food for Seniors receiving a dedicated delivery van!

Today, Borough President Brewer and Deputy Mayor Richard Buery announced the de Blasio Administration’s commitment to fund a van and part-time driver to support the Fresh Food for Seniors program, which makes bags of fresh, locally-sourced produce available to seniors in multiple Manhattan neighborhoods for just $8. A dedicated van for produce deliveries to pickup locations will make the program more sustainable and lay the groundwork for further expansion. Read Read more

Brewer, Vacca bringing “Open Data Law 2.0” to Council hearing tomorrow

NEW YORK – Tomorrow, Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer and New York City Council Member James Vacca will bring Intro 1707, a bill upgrading the City’s first-in-the-nation Open Data Law, to the City Council for a public hearing. Council Member Vacca, who chairs the Technology Committee, will lead the hearing and sponsors the legislation in partnership with Borough President Brewer, who authored the city’s original Open Data Law.… Read more

Brewer allocates $48,000 for new Police-Community Relations Improvement Initiative

Today, Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer announced her office is setting aside $48,000 in funding for a new Manhattan Police-Community Relations Improvement Initiative, to support long-term, sustainable projects aimed at restoring trust between police officers and the communities they serve. The new program’s creation was spurred by Brewer’s series of community dialogue events on police-community relations, which were hosted in partnership with civil rights attorney Norman Siegel. The… Read more

New MBPO Small Business Report Presents Ideas to Help Manhattan’s Storefronters

Small businesses are the economic heart of New York City, especially the street-level retail stores and restaurants that keep things running 24/7 and provide the everyday necessities and comforts New Yorkers rely on. But with high rents, corporate competition, and real estate development, these businesses—what we call “storefronters”—are facing serious challenges over and above the ones small businesses typically grapple with. To help more small businesses succeed and thrive, the… Read more

9/11 survivors and responders deserve a monument

As New York City and the nation remember the lives tragically lost and the incredible heroism displayed thirteen years ago today, we must not forget the New Yorkers from all walks of life who responded to the attacks. I’m talking about those who rushed to Ground Zero to dig for survivors through smoky, dust-filled rubble; those who worked round-the-clock on cleanup; and those who returned to the surrounding neighborhoods when… Read more

Brewer steps up street-level analysis of traffic dangers to halt fatalities

To help put an end to the city’s tragic traffic fatalities, I’ve called on Manhattan Community Boards to identify and submit lists of their top traffic hotspots. We’ll use the lists at my first meeting of the Borough Service Cabinet next week, to ensure specific problems get specific solutions. Citywide proposals such as lowering the speed limit will help, but a plan that will work has to be detailed and… Read more

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