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Statement on F.C.C. Move to Expand Broadband Accessibility

“Chairman Wheeler is absolutely right that broadband is key to Lifeline’s future. Ubiquitous internet access has become essential to everyday life, for everything from communication and job searching to entertainment and medical care. Here in New York, we can leverage community partnerships to ensure that New Yorkers can not only afford broadband, but are trained on how to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by internet access. I will… Read more

Borough President Calls on Senate Leader to Disavow “Guns for Rent Laws” Hostage-Taking

Manhattan B.P. releases seven-point slate of reforms for rent laws and affordable housing NEW YORK – Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer issued the following statement in response to a Daily News report indicating some upstate Republican legislators favor holding New York City’s rent laws hostage to win changes to the NY-SAFE Act: “I was shocked and disturbed to read in today’s Daily News that some upstate Republican legislators are… Read more

Statement on Mayor’s FY16 Executive Budget

“After an initial briefing on the Mayor de Blasio’s Executive Budget, I’m impressed that he has offered a true progressive proposal that is well balanced toward serving our city’s most important needs. “In particular, the Mayor was responsive to my requests last month for increased library funding ($300 million proposed), funding to help curb homelessness (an increase to $100 million), and directing new funding to mental health services ($78 million),… Read more

Statement upon the Death of NYPD Officer Brian Moore

“I mourn the death of Officer Brian Moore with all New Yorkers. He grew up with blue blood in his veins, and was only beginning his service to our city. We must remember that service with gratitude, and honor his sacrifice with a renewed commitment to work together to get illegal guns off the street and build a safer, united city.”… Read more

Statement on Equal Pay Day

“More than 150 years since Seneca Falls, 95 years since the ratification of the 19th amendment, and 20 years since the Beijing Declaration, we are still fighting for women’s equality. In New York women make 83 cents on the dollar compared to men – barely ahead of the national figure of 77 cents. Both at home and around the globe, the wage gap persists. And while we make progress in… Read more

Statement on the Death of Victor Gotbaum

“Victor Gotbaum was truly a larger-than-life figure – a leader who helped see our city through one of its toughest times and a visionary who knew that organized labor had a moral and not just an economic mission. Victor was a great New Yorker, and my thoughts are with Betsy, Noah, and the entire Gotbaum family.”… Read more

Statement on the FCC’s Decision to Approve Net Neutrality Rules

“Tom Wheeler, take a bow. Yesterday’s net neutrality decision is a huge step that will ensure the internet remains open and accessible for all. Stopping paid prioritization agreements and unreasonable blocking or throttling is essential to a free and open internet. “With these reasonable regulations in place, the internet can remain an innovative ecosystem for investment and economic development, while protecting consumers and content companies from unfair practices. “President Barack Read more

Statement on Custom Computer Specialists Contract under Consideration by NYC Panel for Educational Policy (PEP)

“Going forward, there must be a better procurement process for technology in city government — one which is fully transparent and allows significant public scrutiny. “One month for RFPs and one WEEK for PEP review is just mind-boggling. “While the cost of the contract has come down during that period between RFP and final contract, luckily, we don’t fully know the details of how and why the costs are reduced.… Read more

Statement on Department of Housing Preservation and Development Failure to Provide Reasonable Accommodation to Religiously Observant Family Targeted For “Downsizing”

NEW YORK – Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer issued the following statement on the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s failure to provide reasonable accommodation to religiously observant families with Enhanced Housing Choice Vouchers (“sticky vouchers”) targeted for “downsizing.” Earlier today, Brewer transmitted a statement in support of one such family’s appeal directly to HPD. “It is simply ghastly that an agency of the City of… Read more

Statement on Affordable Housing Announcements in Mayor Bill De Blasio’s State of the City Address

NEW YORK – Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer issued the following statement in response to the affordable housing announcements in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s State of the City address, delivered earlier today at CUNY Baruch College in Manhattan: “I congratulate Mayor de Blasio on his commitment to building affordable housing and the success he has had so far. His ambitious Mandatory Inclusionary Housing initiative will certainly have an impact… Read more

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