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Victory on retail vacancies database

You can’t fix a problem when you can’t measure it. We’ve all noticed scores of empty storefronts in our daily travels around the city; many have been vacant for years. That’s why my bill to create a city database of empty properties, co-sponsored with City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Council Member Helen Rosenthal and passed in July, is a great start in trying to solve this problem. The… Read more

There oughta be a law: we need a database to track vacant storefronts

Gale speaks into mic at NYC council committee I testified today at the NYC Council Committee on Small Business in support of Intro No 1472-A, a bill that would require owners to report the vacancy status of their storefront properties and establish an open database for vacancies. The crisis facing small businesses has only grown worse. National chains steadily spread throughout the city, storefronts sit vacant for years, and online shopping is reducing foot traffic to our local… Read more