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Charter Revision

Charter Revision Commission begins drafting proposals in four areas

The 2019 Charter Revision Commission—which will recommend proposals to be placed on the November ballot—has completed a series of “expert forums” on four topic areas it will focus on:

  • Elections. Could the city benefit from ranked-choice voting (eliminating costly runoffs)? How should Council districts be drawn after each census? Can the public financing system be improved?
  • Governance. Can the five Borough Presidents do more to help their boroughs? What about the Public Advocate? Could accountability be improved at the Conflicts of Interest Board and the Civilian Complaint Review Board?
  • Finance. Can the city budget process be made more transparent? How can capital spending be better managed? Can procurement payments be streamlined?
  • Land Use.  How can the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure be improved? The Landmarks Preservation Commission process?  The Board of Standards and Appeals is the most important city agency you’ve never heard of—how could that change?

Having narrowed focus after hearing from experts and the public (at hearings last fall), the commission will now draw up specific proposals in these four areas, and hold hearings on them in each of the five boroughs on those drafts later this spring.

Since the City Charter hadn’t had a thorough, top-to-bottom review in 30 years, I sponsored legislation with  Council Speaker Corey Johnson and former Public Advocate Tish James to create this full-scale Charter Revision Commission. For more information, click here.