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Charter Revision proposals on November ballot

It may feel a bit like “Groundhog Day,” but the November 5, 2019 ballot will contain a set of proposals to revise New York City’s Charter.

(You may recall there were three charter revision proposals on last year’s General Election ballot—the result of a hurried process instituted by the Mayor—which created a Civic Engagement Commission, instituted term limits on Community Board members, and increased the funding match for candidates who participate in the city’s campaign finance program.)

These 2019 proposals are the result of the work of a commission created by the City Council from legislation co-sponsored by myself, Council Speaker Corey Johnson, and then-Public Advocate Tish James over a year ago. Its 15 members conducted the first top-to-bottom revisiting of the Charter since the 1989 Charter Revision (which abolished the Board of Estimate and expanded the City Council to 51 members).

This year’s proposals [1] would:

Learn more by visiting charter2019.nyc/ballot-proposals [2] or attend the following public meetings sponsored by the 2019 Commission: