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Forum on the future of biking in our city

The biking landscape of our city is changing, and this conversation will keep going as we find the best ways to adapt.

Scores of cyclists gathered for my forum on future of biking in New York on April 25. Advocates, engineers, and representatives from city agencies explored the at a forum I hosted this week. It was an opportunity to think big about what’s next in terms of technology and safety.

Here’s some of what we discussed:

• Expand Citibike citywide: In order to meet our city’s emissions reduction goals, Julia Kite from Transportation Alternatives says we need to get to a point when 10% of trips taken in the city use bike share. Currently we’re at ~2%. So we need to get people who don’t think of themselves as “bikers” to start biking. Expanding Citibike into all neighborhoods in the five boroughs is a way to increase bike usage (and encourage newcomers to take a ride!).
• More bike lanes: We need more community/biking forums to help ease tensions between bikers and their surrounding communities.
• L-train closure as an opportunity: Possibly using the L-train closing as an opportunity to test what the future of biking might look like by creating a bike/pedestrian/bus priority corridor.
• Using cargo bikes to supplant trucks: UPS has started a pilot program and others could follow suit. Maybe we can get more city agencies to start using cargo bikes too.
• Better community relations: We need more community/biking interaction to help ease tensions between bikers and their surrounding communities.

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