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Fall 2017 Leadership Development Series Registration Open

The Office of Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer is pleased to announce our Fall 2017 Leadership Training series. This series will cover topics important to Community Board members and appointees. Trainings are open to the public, however registration priority will be given to Manhattan Community Board members and other Borough President appointees. Please register online to attend.

Conflict of Interest & Freedom of Information Law 101
(required once every two years)
This COIB training satisfies the City Charter mandate that all CB members and District
Office staff complete conflicts of interest trainings every two years (mandatory). This session will help you understand the rules to follow in situations where you must disclose, discuss and recuse, how to comply with the freedom of information law (FOIL) requests and protect your private life as you conduct public business.
Monday, October 23, 6–8pm, @ 1 Centre Street South, 19th floor.
Tuesday, October 24, 6–8pm, @ 1 Centre Street South, 19th floor.

Land Use and Zoning 101
This course will provide an overview of the history of land use and zoning in New York City, the particular role of Community Boards in the public review process (ULURP), and the function of the zoning resolution. This training is key to understanding land use/zoning terms and concepts, factors to consider when evaluating proposals and options available to minimize negative community impacts.  
Thursday October 26, 6–8pm, @ 1 Centre Street South, 19th floor.

NYC Budget Process and the Role of the Community Board
This session will introduce you to the budget process, the District Needs Statement, Borough Budget Priorities, and the budget timeline. It will focus on how Community Boards can play a role in the city budget process and will discuss how the City and the Borough President review the proposals. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize the likelihood of getting your Community Board priorities funded!  
Monday, October 30, 6–8pm @ 1 Centre Street South, 19th floor.

Advanced Land Use & Zoning
Building upon the concepts covered in Land Use and Zoning 101, this course will dive deeper into understanding floor area ratio, how inclusionary housing works in the voluntary program and as proposed in the mandatory program, how landmark designation works with zoning, and the structure and variety of special permits. If you serve on the Land Use Committee this is a highly recommended session! Pre-requisite: Land Use and Zoning 101.
Wednesday, November 1, 6–8pm @ 1 Centre Street South, 19th floor.
Effective Resolution Writing
This training will serve as an introductory level overview of the multiple elements that constitute effective resolution writing. The basic components that entail an effective resolution will be covered as well as review of good and bad examples of resolutions. We will also briefly discuss examples of standard “application-driven” resolutions such as liquor licenses, sidewalk cafes, street activity permits, ULURP and BSA, landmarks and others. 
Monday, November 6, 6–8pm @ 1 Centre Street South, 19th floor.

Unlocking Open Data for Community Boards
The Manhattan Borough President’s Office, in partnership with BetaNYC, has designed tools and customized trainings specifically intended to help CBs access, analyze, map and use data to inform decision-making.  This workshop will introduce an easy-to-use BoardStat tool to query 311-requests and explore trends in health, safety and quality of life concerns.  Additional key datasets will also be reviewed. Come ready to learn and get right into datasets and graphs. Bring laptop and power adapter.
Tuesday, November 14, 6–8pm, @ 1 Centre Street South, 19th floor.

Leadership Development Workshops

Below is a playlist of of past Leadership Development training sessions. Videos do not count toward attendence of current sessions, but are a helpful reference. To view other training sessions in the playlist below, click the icon in the top left corner of the video window and select the event that you would like to see.