While the City is currently conducting an extensive study on the effects of for-hire vehicles on city traffic, we all know that traffic congestion occurs for many reasons – and there are many possible solutions. On September 17, 2015, Borough President Brewer held a public hearing to discuss the complexities of Manhattan’s congestion problem.

Watch the entire hearing below via livestream. You can also follow the online conversation on Twitter by searching #NYCongestion.

A full range of experts and interested parties were invited to the hearing — as well as the public at large. Below, you’ll find time stamps for each panel, so you can watch and hear the panelists’ testimonies for yourself. Written testimony will also be uploaded for reading shortly. We encourage you to share your comments in the section provided.

If you would like to submit written testimony, you may do so by emailing info@manhattanbp.nyc.gov

with the subject line “Congestion Comment.”

Panel 1: Transportation Agencies and Regulators – 00:19:30
Panel 2: Mass Transit Advocates – 00:42:16
Panel 3: For-Hire Vehicles – 00:57:41
Panel 4: Vehicle-Based Businesses – 01:13:13
Panel 5: Alternative Transportation Advocates – 01:27:41
Panel 6: Professional Drivers – 01:39:14
Panel 7: Congestion Solutions – 01:46:49
Councilmember Rodriguez’ Testimony – 02:03:26
Public Testimony – 02:08:50