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It’s never been easy for a small business to make it in Manhattan, but the current real estate market is making it doubly and triply hard for even the most amazing entrepreneurs to stay afloat. The Manhattan Borough President’s Storefronter Campaign aims to help owners of Manhattan’s street-level retail stores and restaurants—what we call “storefronters”—survive and thrive. Whether you’re an established owner or a potential entrepreneur, we want to help you avoid pitfalls and make the connections that can help your business take off.

Our Campaign goals include:

  • Taking the pressure off lease renewals
  • Expanding the supply of retail space by expanding commercial districts
  • Helping small businesses threatened by rent increases by encouraging “condo-ization” of storefront space
  • Creating a Ladder of Entrepreneurship for street vendors

We’re already working with city partners to make these goals a reality for Manhattan’s storefronters. Read our report, “Small Business, Big Impact,” to learn more about our plans. Please join our Campaign to help realize your own dreams for success and help fellow entrepreneurs strengthen economic potential within the diverse neighborhoods that make Manhattan so special.