- Gale Brewer - https://www.manhattanbp.nyc.gov -

Joint Statement by Brewer and Council Member Rivera on the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency program announced by the EDC

“We’ve heard concerns expressed about the contract issued to Arcadis by the EDC to plan the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) program. Arcadis is subcontracting work to 17 companies including Deltares, the consulting firm we’ve commissioned which is completing a review of the East Side Resiliency Plan (ESCR) that is now undergoing ULURP. Deltares’ work on LMCR is limited to hydrological analysis of tides and currents for the project.

“While the confusion is perhaps understandable, the bidding timeline for the LMCR project began back in the Spring, and the review that Hans Gehrels of Deltares is completing began a scant 45 days ago. It’s not surprising that his firm– which has global expertise on flood prevention and management– would be in the mix on large consulting projects and considered by Arcadis for guidance on this topic. We have confidence in Gehrels’ professional judgment about ESCR.”