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News from Gale Brewer

Letter to NYCHA:
Don’t lock nonprofits out of development plans

I’m upset that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has a PACT/RAD request for proposals (RFP) on Section 8 conversions at 16 sites in Manhattan that purposely blocks established and experienced nonprofit community development corporations from participating the bidding process by requiring proposals to convert all 16 at once.  I’ve written a letter calling on NYCHA to revise their PACT/RAD policy (and testified in February about it at the regular NYCHA Board meeting). Big developers get enough breaks from the city, and locking out experienced neighborhood nonprofits isn’t in the best interest of NYCHA residents. With over 1,700 Manhattan NYCHA units slated for Section 8 conversion, NYCHA should revise their RFP criteria by bidding out smaller, more neighborhood-based clusters and requiring for-profit applicants to partner with nonprofit community development corporations. The RFP deadline is March 22, so stay tuned.

See my recent testimony on the topic here

See the full letter here

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