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MTA should enact 14th St. Select Bus Service sooner—and install a new busway—for L train repairs spillover

With the L train reconstruction set to begin next Friday, April 26, evening and weekend frequency of L trains will be reduced to just three per hour.

In order to help riders seeking other means to travel 14th Street—and to help avoid a crush of for-hire vehicles—I’ve written to the MTA and DOT urging them to enact SBS as soon as humanly possible (instead of in June, their current plan) and to implement a new busway on 14th Street from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue to limit private vehicle traffic and speed SBS service even more. This would be the first busway in Manhattan, and has the potential to make bus service a true alternative to walking, biking, or for-hire vehicles. Read my letter to the MTA and DOT. And here’s amNY’s coverage.

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