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New technology coming for students and teachers!

For years, a city purchasing policy known as “Directive 10” stood in the way of using capital funds to buy tablet computers (like iPads) for city schools, because it required a five-year lifespan for such products.

After much work by myself and my staff over many years (see my 2017 op-ed in Crain’s), I’m delighted to share that Comptroller Scott Stringer has changed Directive 10 to allow capital funds to be used for tablet technology and cloud-based software subscriptions.

This is a game-changer for NYC students and teachers. Now, under these changes, the budding app developers, nascent game designers, and other programmers will have increased access to the devices they need to keep up to speed with the multi-billion dollar tech industry. Even non-tech students will benefit from the convenience and accessibility of device-driven educational strategies—and it’s particularly beneficial to special education students and teachers in District 75.

I’ll be reaching out to Manhattan schools in the weeks ahead to educate them on these new policies which will help get this and other needed technology into schools. Thanks must go to Comptroller Stringer and all the educators, tech companies, and administrators who worked to resolve the details of this surprisingly complex issue.

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