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Protecting the East Side from climate change

Public Hearing on East Side Coastal ResiliencyClimate change and sea level rise threaten the safety and prosperity of New York City. We have to think big—and act fast—if we’re to have any chance of blunting its effects. That’s why, after holding a public hearing in July and considering hours of community testimony, I supported the city’s East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) project, with many conditions, in my formal ULURP recommendation.

Developed as part of a multi-year planning and design process in response to the widespread flooding incurred by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, the ESCR project will mitigate the impact of future storms by fortifying Manhattan’s coastline between Montgomery and 25th Streets and making the waterfront more accessible to the public. The project as proposed will entail three and a half years of construction in Community Districts 3 and 6. It’s important that Manhattanites’ experiences in the aftermath of Sandy—as well as their concerns regarding coastal resiliency—continue to inform the project.

Read my ULURP recommendation here. More on ESCR:

Watch my public hearing on ESCR:

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