Age-Smart Manhattan: Senior Resources for Better Living

Life as an older Manhattanite can be both delightful and a challenge.

This comprehensive guide is part of my office’s ongoing work to foster a more age-friendly city: to help enhance the delight and cope with the challenges.

The information within—on benefits, health and wellness, transportation, safety, consumer protection, and life enrichment—can help seniors, their families, and caregivers better utilize the borough’s services and amenities.

New York City is home to more than one million older residents—a population that is expected to increase by 45% in the next 20 years. Already, one in five New Yorkers is over the age of 60, and among the five boroughs, Manhattan has the largest cohort of residents between the ages of 75 and 85.

That means it’s increasingly important to provide effective services and networks to help older Manhattanites stay healthy, active, and engaged. We hope this guide assists in that effort!

Download the Age-Smart Manhattan Guide in English

Descarga el guía Sabia Vejes Manhattan en Español

If you have a question about an issue raised in this guide—or need assistance on any other topic—my office is ready to help. Please call (212) 669-8300 or email