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Press Releases

Statement on Energy Conservation During Extreme Summer Weather

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer issued the following statement on energy conservation during this week’s extreme summer heat:

“Mayor de Blasio was absolutely right to note the importance of energy conservation and suggest New Yorkers refrain from running their air conditioners at the coolest possible temperature. We must all work together to reduce the risk of blackout and brownout conditions.

“However, raising the thermostat is only the beginning. Throughout our city, there are thousands upon thousands of commercial storefronts, and many are illegally propping their doors open and air conditioning the sidewalks.

“We passed Local Law 38 of 2008, outlawing this behavior for large stores and chain stores, for good reason: a 10,000 square foot business that leaves just one door open can waste 4,200 kilowatt hours of electricity over the course of the summer and release 2 tons of unnecessary carbon dioxide into the air, according to Con Edison.

“I implore owners and managers of street-level businesses to keep your doors and windows closed when the AC is running, and I urge the Department of Consumer Affairs to step up enforcement of the law during this period of extreme heat. Any New Yorker who observes a large store or a chain store with its AC running and its door propped open should call my office at 212-531-1609 and call in a complaint to 311.”

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