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Statement on Passage of Mayor’s Affordable Housing Zoning Proposals

“Since I was elected Borough President, I’ve called for two things: affordable housing included in every new residential development in Manhattan, and major revisions to the city’s opt-in affordable housing programs. The process that’s concluding today is a big step forward on both goals.

“The mayor’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing plan isn’t perfect, but it has the potential to put a big dent in the city’s housing crisis. Starting now, any new residential development that benefits from an upzoning or a special permit will create new affordable housing. What’s more, all but the smallest projects will include affordable housing units on-site. And because of my efforts, the administration has committed to study and propose revisions to the deeply flawed Voluntary Inclusionary Housing and R10 programs, which have given away too much to developers in Manhattan in exchange for too little.

“I thank the mayor for his efforts, and congratulate my colleagues in the Council for further improving on them. Now we must look ahead, and get to work fixing our opt-in affordable housing programs as soon as possible.”

In December, Borough President Brewer delivered her formal recommendations on the mayor’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability zoning text amendments.

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