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Press Releases

Statement on the FCC’s Decision to Approve Net Neutrality Rules

“Tom Wheeler, take a bow. Yesterday’s net neutrality decision is a huge step that will ensure the internet remains open and accessible for all. Stopping paid prioritization agreements and unreasonable blocking or throttling is essential to a free and open internet.

“With these reasonable regulations in place, the internet can remain an innovative ecosystem for investment and economic development, while protecting consumers and content companies from unfair practices.

“President Barack Obama deserves our thanks, as does John Oliver and the millions of Americans who spoke out in favor of Title II. This achievement was something that not so long ago seemed impossible. We can only hope that telecom companies will put down their legal pads and avoid costly litigation that will only harm investor confidence in the booming broadband marketplace. Now is the time to come together and ensure the continued vibrancy of this important industry.

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