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Volunteers and I hit the streets to promote free summer meals for kids

I led a borough-wide Day of Action today to provide parents and children with detailed information about New York City’s Free Summer Meals Program [1], including specific sites and times. Along with dozens of volunteers, I greeted commuters, students, and parents across the borough with detailed flyers, starting bright and early at 7:30 am.

The Free Summer Meals program is an incredible resource in the fight against childhood hunger, but it can only help families that know about it. There’s no substitute for old-fashioned flyering, and that’s why we hit the streets today to get detailed, neighborhood-specific information into students’ and parents’ hands in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

The Summer Meals program is federally funded and serves free, nutritious meals for kids during the summer at hundreds of public schools, public pools and recreation centers, libraries, and other sites. For years, I’ve enthusiastically boosted the program by producing and distributing my own flyers with information customized by neighborhood and by fighting for information on the program to be published earlier. When information is published and distributed by the start of June instead of later in the month, it’s far more likely schools will successfully distribute the information to students and families before exams, graduations, and other end-of-year disruptions get in the way.

In late 2017, the City Council passed legislation sponsored by then-Council Member James Vacca and I which became Local Law 4 of 2018 [2], requiring the Department of Education to distribute specific summer meals information by June 1.

Download the flyers below.


Lower East Side

English and Chinese [4]
English and Spanish [5]


Downtown, Midtown, UES

English and Spanish [7]
English and Chinese [8]


Upper West Side and Morningside Heights

English and Spanish [10]


East Harlem

English and Spanish [12]



English and Spanish [14]


Wash. Heights and Inwood

English and Spanish [16]