9A Bike Lane

A dedicated bike lane on the West Side Highway that would separate cyclists from pedestrians and reduce carbon emissions

The Hudson River Greenway, which runs alongside the West Side Highway aka State Route 9A, is a vital but dangerously overcrowded transit route. It is one of the most heavily used bike paths in the country, and at peak times of the day and on weekends, cyclists have to weave around people who are running with headphones in, pedestrians have to steel themselves against two-way bike traffic, and e-bikes are forced into the highway.

This is why we must take a lane of traffic on the West Side Highway from 57th Street down to Chambers Street and turn it into a four-mile protected lane for people who are on bicycles, e-bikes, and other forms of micromobility. The creation of a new dedicated lane along the current bike path would ease congestion on the current greenway, minimizing conflicts and collisions between pedestrians, cyclists, and e-bikes. This proposal also complements New York City’s long-term resiliency goals and the eventual launch of Congestion Pricing in Manhattan by creating the infrastructure we’ll need to facilitate easy, convenient, and efficient travel without the use of a private car.

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