About the Manhattan Borough President’s Office

As Manhattan’s 28th Borough President, Mark Levine is informed by decades of experience in public service and is driven by a deep care for Manhattan and its people. He is a strong believer in the power of local governance to shape lasting change and continuously improve our city for the next generation of New Yorkers.

2023 State of the Borough

Watch Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine’s 2023 State of the Borough Address here. Learn how to get involved in making our goals for the future of Manhattan a reality!

What does our office do?

The Manhattan Borough President’s Office (MBPO) is the only elected office charged with oversight of the Borough of Manhattan as a whole. In this office we strive to be accessible to all Manhattanites and provide thorough support and tangible solutions that meet the needs of the people of Manhattan. 

The MBPO also has numerous New York City Charter-mandated roles and responsibilities, including review of land-use projects in our borough through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP), advocating for the borough’s and local community-based organization’s needs in the annual municipal budget process, appointing community board members and providing technical assistance to our boards, and appointing members to important policy making boards and committees across the city, among other key responsibilities.  

BP Levine also acts as the primary advocate for Manhattan to mayoral agencies, the City Council, the New York State government, public corporations, and private businesses. Through an innovative and grounded approach, we are shaping the future of NYC government. 

The Manhattan Borough President’s office is committed to ensuring equity, resilience, affordability, and wellbeing for all New Yorkers.

Through advocacy, community engagement, nuanced policy development, and commitments to equity, empathy and inclusion, the office strives for transformative change for good that will make New York City a better place where all New Yorkers can thrive.

Our Values


Long the beacon of where anyone could come for a better life, Manhattan has recently seen a growing chasm between the haves and have-nots. We’re committed to righting these inequities and building a borough that welcomes and supports New Yorkers of all backgrounds.


Unless we act now, Manhattan is poised to experience devastating effects from the climate crisis. We must take proactive measures to protect against and reverse issues such as sea-level rise and extreme weather. This means championing environmental justice, investing in green infrastructure, and passing policies that reduce carbon emissions.


As New York emerges from the grip of the pandemic, we must prioritize our borough’s physical and mental health. We all deserve to have access to the resources, infrastructure, and opportunities that foster wellbeing.

Through in-depth case work and specialized assessment, our team helps to ensure quality service delivery and identifies emerging trends that may require a more coordinated response or policy action.

We’re moving Manhattan into the future.

We strive for transformative change that will make New York City a better place where all New Yorkers can thrive.