ULURP Recommendations

One of the key responsibilities of the Borough President’s office is participation in ULURP – the city’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure.

ULURP is the city’s process for changes to zoning and other actions impacting land use. The Borough President participates throughout the process, reviews all applications, and weighs in with formal opinions – sounding the alarm on bad policy or improper decisions, identifying improvements, or formally approving when a proposal’s merits are overwhelming. The Borough President’s dedicated land use staff, independent of both the mayor’s administration and private development interests, scrutinizes applications on behalf of Manhattan residents.

Most applications are certified or referred out by the Department of City Planning, and then can be reviewed by the relevant Community Boards, the Borough Board (made up of Manhattan’s City Council members and Community Board chairs), the Borough President, the City Planning Commission, and then finally the City Council.

The links below are the official ULURP recommendations of the Manhattan Borough President.