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In NY Daily News: Op-Ed: Manhattan needs this new bike lane

If you have spent time on the western edge of Manhattan, you know the Hudson River Greenway is truly wonderful — and crowded. It’s one of the most heavily used bike paths in the entire country, making it a key thoroughfare in our transit system for New Yorkers who wish to commute by bike. With congestion pricing around the corner and the potential of even more New Yorkers scrapping their… Read more

In NY1: Levine discusses monkeypox, polio and primaries

As monkeypox is ramping up throughout New York City, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine compared the city’s response to when the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. “It’s so frustrating, Bobby, that we’re seeing a repeat of some of the exact mistakes that we made in some of the early days of COVID, on testing, on vaccination, on treatment, again,” he told Bobby Cuza on “Inside City Hall” Thursday. Levine emphasized that the… Read more

In New York Post: Manhattan BP Levine wants to put a bike lane on the West Side Highway

A bike lane would replace the westernmost traffic lane on the West Side Highway under a new proposal from Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. Levine’s bid to reduce crowding on the Hudson River Greenway that runs directly parallel and adjacent to the highway would slap green paint and concrete barriers directly on Route 9A — creating an alternative route for cyclists including e-bikers who are technically barred from the greenway… Read more

Newsletter: An action plan to stem the monkeypox outbreak; 🔥Staying safe during NYC’s heatwave🔥

New York City is experiencing a rapid rise in the number of monkeypox cases. Anyone can catch or spread the virus, but thus far the outbreak has almost exclusively impacted gay and bisexual men or men who are having sex with men.Symptoms of monkeypox generally include rash, swollen lymph nodes, and body aches/fever. If you experience symptoms it’s important that you isolate and contact a medical provider immediately.Our… Read more

Newsletter: NYC needs more places to go – our call for more public restrooms; Car-free Broadway; Monkeypox update and more

You’re not a New Yorker unless you have been out in the city when nature called and you just couldn’t find a usable public bathroom. It’s happened to all of us and probably a lot more than once.Right now, there are only roughly 1,100 public toilets for 8.6 million residents – meaning only one for every 6,000 New Yorkers. We rank 93rd out of the 100 largest U.S. cities… Read more

In Gothamist: As MTA drags feet on setting congestion pricing fee, Manhattan BP offers his own suggestions

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine is trying to help speed up the MTA’s long-delayed congestion pricing program by proposing how much to charge drivers who enter the zone below Manhattan’s 60th Street. The discussions are supposed to be conducted by the Traffic Mobility Review Board – a panel made up of six members largely chosen by the MTA – who will also determine fees drivers pay or any exemptions. But… Read more

On WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show: NYC’s Dearth of Public Bathrooms

The lack of easily accessible and clean public bathrooms is a longstanding NYC problem. Listeners call in to trade tips on where to go, and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine talks about a City Council bill that would eventually lead to more public restrooms in the city.
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As a city of immigrants, NYC is proud to help meet federal obligations to asylum seekers. But NYC elected officials are clear: the federal gov't should bear the cost.

Letter w/ @nycpa, @bronxbp, @BKBPReynoso, @MBPMarkLevine & 28 members of @nyccouncil to President Biden & FEMA:

Happy Lunar New Year from the Manhattan Borough President's Office! May this year bring you and your family health, happiness and prosperity. #LunarNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit

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