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Manhattan Times: “We need to do something”

Housing court cases are set to resume, with the court system facing an estimated backlog of about 200,000 cases that were placed on hold due to the pandemic-related eviction ban. The majority of the pending cases are for non-payment of rent. “We are sounding the alarm today in the face of what could be an avalanche of evictions to crash over tenants in this city, on a scale that we’ve… Read more

Streetsblog: Manhattan BP Looks To ‘Balance’ Community Boards By Asking if Applicants Own a Car

New Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine is looking to ensure better “balance” on his borough’s 12 community board by adding a new question about vehicle ownership to the application to serve. Along with other questions — such as whether would-be board members are homeowners or renters, if they’re business owners, and demographic questions about race and sexual orientation — potential Manhattan panelists will be asked a yes or no… Read more

Newsletter: We must extend the eviction moratorium

The New York State moratorium on evictions is set to expire tomorrow – January 15.This would leave many tenants battered by the pandemic vulnerable to losing their homes and exacerbate the current Covid case surge our city is battling. The neighborhoods hit hardest by the pandemic mirror the neighborhoods that are most vulnerable to Covid. We cannot have  evicted tenants being forced onto the streets or into congregate shelters… Read more

Newsletter: A busy start at the MBPO

I’ve now been on the job as your new Manhattan Borough President for about a week and half. What a busy time it’s been.I have been focused intensely on the fight against NYC’s ongoing omicron wave. Thankfully it appears we are now plateauing, but the enormous number of New Yorkers still getting sick—and hospitalized—is continuing to disrupt our city in profound ways. Read the full newsletter HERE.… Read more

MBP Levine Calls on State to Extend Remote Access Options for Public Meetings

Manhattan — Tuesday, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine issued the following statement strongly supporting the continuation of remote access options for public meetings: “Allowing remote access to public meetings has proved an exceptionally valuable way to facilitate the operation of public business and community participation in government, while ensuring that New Yorkers are able to stay safe during this pandemic. We need to continue allowing remote access options as long… Read more

Chelsea News: Levine’s Pillars to a Comeback

On his first full day as Manhattan borough president, Mark Levine issued a detailed, 16-point plan to confront a crisis he had not expected, the Omicron wave of the pandemic. His years as chair of the City Council Health committee certainly prepared him for the moment. But in a conversation with Straus News he stressed his confidence that Manhattan will get through some bad weeks and then be able to
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Daily News: Manhattan to gets its own ‘COVID recovery czar’ to head task force

Manhattan is getting a new COVID recovery czar charged with helping New Yorkers come back from the ravages of the pandemic. Former Deputy Manhattan Borough President Aldrin Bonilla is set to take up the new position on Monday as head of the COVID Recovery Task Force created by Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine.


🚨Today I'm leading a rally with the @C4AH_NY before the introduction of my @NYCCouncil bill that will make NYC the 1st city in the nation to create an Office of Healthcare Accountability (OHA). This bill would make #healthcare more affordable & transparent! 🧵

Congratulations to the newly landmarked Julius’ bar in Greenwich Village! The site of a famous 1966 “sip-in” to protest the criminalization of gay bars organized by the Mattachine Society, Julius’ has long been home to queer activism, and we’re thrilled...

NYC's parks are key to building a sustainable, equitable future. Inefficient capital processes slow the repair of parks in the city, most affecting low-income communities. Deputy BP Keisha Sutton-James joined @NY4P in their rally for the reform of these processes.


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