To call using the extension, please dial 212-669-_ _ _ _.
Please note, reporters’ calls to staff will be redirected to the Communications Office.

For current job listings, please visit our Employment Opportunities page.

Gale A. Brewer, Borough President
Phone ext: 8191

Executive Office

James Katz, Deputy Borough President 
Phone ext: 3877

Jessica Mates, Chief of Staff
(and FOIL Appeals Officer)
Phone ext: 7085

Adele Bartlett, General Counsel; FOIL Officer
Phone ext: 8139

Tyrone Bowman, Sr., Special Assistant, Borough President
Phone ext: 8155

Debbie Timothy, Community Coordinator
Phone ext: 2029

Elka Morety, Administrative Assistant
Phone ext: 2094

Jack Wild, Special Advisor
Phone ext: 4416

Northern Manhattan Office

Athena Moore, Director, Northern Manhattan Office
Phone: (212) 531-1609

Rosalba Rodriguez, Deputy Director, Northern Manhattan Office
Phone: (212) 531-1609

Lori Williams, NMO Constituent Services Liaison
Phone: (212) 531-1609

Ayesha Robinson, NMO Constituent Services Liaison
Phone ext: (212) 531-1609

Junior Martinez, NMO Constituent Services Liaison
Phone ext: (212) 531-1609

Marcus Williams, NMO Constituent Services Liaison
Phone ext: (212) 531-1609


Shulamit Warren, Director of Policy and Special Projects
Phone ext: 2392

Hally Chu, Deputy Director of Policy
Phone ext: 3060

Paul Goebel, Transportation Policy Analyst
Phone ext: 8151

Daniel Alam, Technology and Economic Development Policy Analyst
Phone ext: 3872

Shawn Jean-Louis, Education Policy Analyst
Phone ext: 8146

For Cultural Affairs Specialist Natalie Espino, see staff list for Community Affairs.

Land Use

Lizette Chaparro, Land Use Director and Urban Planner
Phone ext: 8143

Tim Anderson, Urban Planner
Phone ext: 3632

Michael Nicholas, Urban Planner
Phone ext: 8141

Dawn Billings, Land Use Liaison
Phone ext: 3129

Hector Rivera, Topographic Associate
Phone ext: 4388


Gabrielle Vallese, Director of Scheduling
Phone ext: 2692

Mary-Ann Mackey, Assistant Scheduler
Phone ext: 4169

Andre Davis, Driver, Borough President
Phone ext: 2690

Lincoln Bernier, Driver, Borough President
Phone ext: 4513


Vanessa Díaz-López, LMSW, Director of Budget and Capital Projects
Phone ext: 4814

James Thomas, Budget Analyst
Phone ext: 1851

Nelson Andino, Budget Analyst
Phone ext: 8145

Community Affairs

Rosie Mendez, Director of Community Affairs
Phone ext: 8135

April Adams, Deputy Director of Community Affairs (Community Boards 7 and 9)
Phone ext: 7877

Brian Lafferty, Special Projects Coordinator (Community Boards 5 and 6)
Phone ext: 4564

Natalie Espino, Community Liaison (Community Board 12);
Arts and Culture Analyst
Phone ext: 2258

Andrew Chang, Community Liaison (Community Boards 1 and 2)
Phone ext: 4546

Brian Lewis, Community Liaison (Community Boards 3 and 4)
Phone ext: 8774

Ysabel Abreu, Community Liaison (Community Boards 8, 10, and 11)
Phone ext: 4519


Jon Houston, Director of Communications

Aries Dela Cruz, Press Secretary
Phone ext: 1187

Mia Edelstein, Speechwriter
Phone ext: 8299

Luisa Lopez, Digital Media Director
Phone ext: 3634

Special Events

Penelope Cox, Special Events Coordinator
Phone ext: 4039


Deirdre Lyles, Director of HR & Operations
Phone ext: 2375

Kimberly James, Payroll/Timekeeping Associate
Phone ext: 2881

Fernando Garza, Information Technology Manager
Phone ext: 8131

Cleopatra Browne, Receptionist
Phone ext: 8300

Ingrid Grant, Purchasing and Budget Manager
Phone ext: 8042

Nanda Sohan, Human Resources Analyst
Phone ext: 8096

Eduardo Sencion, Facilities Coordinator
Phone ext: 7562

Edith Valentine, Receptionist
Phone ext: 8300