To call using the extension, please dial 212-669-_ _ _ _.

Please note, reporters’ calls to staff will be redirected to the Communications Office.

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Executive Office

Mark D. Levine, Borough President
Ext. 8300

Aya Keefe, Deputy Borough President
Ext. 3634

Keisha Sutton-James, Deputy Borough President
Ext. 3877

Tomi Vest, General Counsel
Ext. 8168


Northern Manhattan Office

Manuel Belliard, Deputy Director of Constituent Affairs
212-531-1609, ext. 3030

Junior Martinez, Constituent Liaison & Community Coordinator
212-531-1609, ext. 4264

Xzavier Medina, Constituent Services Liaison

Ayesha Robinson, Principal Administrative Associate

Lori Williams, Constituent Services Liaison
Ext. 3339



Chris Carroll, Advisor to the BP, Policy Director
Ext. 8157

Winn Periyasamy, Assistant Director of Policy
Ext. 8139

Daniel Alam, Economic Development and Technology Policy Analyst
Ext. 3872


Land Use

Lizette Chaparro, Director of Land Use & Planning
Ext. 8143

Kyra Cuevas, Urban Planner
Ext. 2206

Madeleine McGrory, Senior Urban Planner
Ext. 3632

Michael Nicholas, Urban Planner
Ext. 8141

Hector Rivera, Topographical Associate
Ext. 4388



Elka Morety, Director of Scheduling
Ext. 2094

Mary Ann Mackey, Deputy Director of Scheduling
Ext. 4169

D’Andre Ward, Borough President’s Driver
Ext. 4513

Andre Wilkinson, Borough President’s Driver
Ext. 4513



Amy Slattery, Director of Budget and Capital Projects
Ext. 2392

Nelson S. Andino, Deputy Director of Budget & Capital Projects
Ext. 8145

Maytee Cariño, Budget Analyst
Ext. 8858


Community Affairs

Tricia Shimamura, Director of Community Affairs
Ext. 8135

Erik Cuello, Deputy Director of Community Affairs & Housing Policy Advisor (Liaison to Community Board 7)
Ext. 4814

Dawn Billings, Community Liaison
Ext. 3129

Andrew Chang, Community Liaison (Community Boards 1 and 2)
Ext. 4546

Porfirio Figueroa, Community Liaison (Community Boards 11 and 12)
Ext. 8774

Brian Lafferty, Community Liaison (Community Boards 5 and 6)
Ext. 4564

Kyshia Smith, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Organizing
Ext. 7877

Yiyi Wang, Community Liaison (Community Boards 3 and 4)
Ext. 8335

Minah S. Whyte, Community Liaison (Community Boards 8, 9, and 10)
Ext. 4519



Winthrop Roosevelt, Director of Communications
Ext. 8137

Mia Edelstein, Speechwriter
Ext. 8299

Reuben A. Torres, Press Secretary
Ext. 2022

Anthony Hidalgo, Digital Director
Ext. 8338


Special Events

Mariel De La Cruz, Director of Events and Partnership
Ext. 3060

Tyrone Bowman, Special Projects Manager
Ext. 8155



Elaine Cheung, Chief of Operations
Ext. 7085

Deirdre Lyles, Director of Human Resources
Ext. 2375

Cleopatra Browne, Receptionist
Ext. 8300

Fernando Garza, IT Manager
Ext. 8131

Ingrid Grant, Budget/Purchasing Manager
Ext. 8042

Kimberly James, Timekeeping/Payroll Manager
Ext. 2881

Eduardo Sencion, Facilities/IT Coordinator
Ext. 7562

Nanda Sohan, Human Resource Analyst
Ext. 8096

Debbie Timothy, Internship Program Coordinator
Ext. 2029