Read Borough President Levine’s Recommendation for Madison Square Garden HERE.

ULURP Recommendations

One of the key responsibilities of the Borough President’s office is participation in ULURP – the city’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure.

ULURP is the city’s process for changes to zoning and other actions impacting land use. The Borough President participates throughout the process, reviews all applications, and weighs in with formal opinions – sounding the alarm on bad policy or improper decisions, identifying improvements, or formally approving when a proposal’s merits are overwhelming. The Borough President’s dedicated land use staff, independent of both the mayor’s administration and private development interests, scrutinizes applications on behalf of Manhattan residents.

Most applications are certified or referred out by the Department of City Planning, and then can be reviewed by the relevant Community Boards, the Borough Board (made up of Manhattan’s City Council members and Community Board chairs), the Borough President, the City Planning Commission, and then finally the City Council.

The links below are the official ULURP recommendations of the Manhattan Borough President. (To view ULURP recommendations from 2015–2021, click here.)

Date Project (PDF Download) ULURP Application Number
06/14/2024 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Pavillion 240235ZSM, 240236GFM, 240237ZMM, 240238ZRM, 240239ZAM, 240240LDM, 240241ZSM, 240242ZCM
03/13/2024 Times Square Major Concession 240088MCM
02/05/2024 Gaming Facility Text Amendment N240179ZRY
02/02/24 7 North Moore Street 240122PPM
01/31/2024 COY Economic Opportunity N240010ZRY, N240011ZRY
01/05/24 15-21 West 124th Street N220434ZRM
11/20/23 207-245 East 94th Street 230241ZMM, N230242ZRM
10/31/2023 101 East 118th Street (Timbale Terrace) C240046HAM, C240047PQM
10/06/2023 2226 Third Avenue C230344ZMM, C230346ZSM
06/30/2023 City of Yes for Carbon Neutrality Text Amendment N230112ZRY
06/15/2023 262 5th Ave. C230094ZSM
06/07/2023 244 East 106th Street C230286PPM, 230285PQM
05/22/2023 Madison Square Garden C230238ZSM, N 230240ZRM
01/09/2023 Otis Elevator Building-260 11th Ave. N 230045ZRM
11/17/2022 215 West 28th Street C200012 ZSM, C200013 ZSM
09/30/2022 Ambassador Theater N 220457 ZCM
09/29/2023 EMS Station 7 C220468PCM
07/06/2022 DEP Site – 705 10th Avenue 220340 HAM, N 220339 ZRM, 220338 ZSM, 220337 ZSM
04/13/2022 The Lirio – 806 9th Avenue 220219 ZRM, 220220 ZMM, 220221 ZSM, 220222 PPM, 220223 PQM, 220221 AZSM
03/16/2022 3 East 89th Street C220174 ZSM
02/23/2022 One45/Museum of Civil Rights C220134 ZMM, N220135 ZRM, C220136 ZSM, C220137 ZSM, N220138 ZCM, N220139 ZCM, C220142 ZSM, and N220143 ZCM