Manhattan Borough Board

The Borough Board consists of the Manhattan Borough President, who serves as chair, Council Members representing the borough, and the chairpersons of all the community boards in the borough (who may vote only on matters directly affecting their community districts).

The Borough Board has the power to initiate and review comprehensive or special purpose plans for the borough and is responsible for preparing a comprehensive statement of expenses and capital budget priorities for the borough as well as mediating any disputes between community boards. The Borough Board bylaws are available here.

Click on the dates below to see our streams of Borough Board meetings on YouTube.

2023 Borough Board Meeting Dates

Thursday, January 19
Thursday, February 16
Thursday, March 16
Thursday, April 20
Thursday, May 18
Thursday, June 15
Thursday, July 20
Thursday, August 17
Thursday, September 21
Thursday, October 19
Thursday, November 16
Thursday, December 14

2023 Borough Service Cabinet Meeting Dates

Friday, January 27
Friday, February 24
Friday, March 24
Friday, April 28
Friday, May 19
Friday, June 23
Friday, July 28, if needed
Friday, August 25, if needed
Friday, September 22
Friday, October 27
Friday, November 17
Friday, December 15

2024 Borough Board Meeting Dates

Register for the meeting here

Thursday, January 18
Thursday, February 15
Thursday, March 21
Thursday, April 18
Thursday, May 16
Thursday, June 20
Thursday, July 18
Thursday, August 15
Thursday, September 19
Thursday, October 17
Thursday, November 21
Thursday, December 19

2024 Borough Service Cabinet Meeting Dates

Register for the meeting by emailing

Friday, January 26
Friday, February 23
Friday, March 22
Friday, April 26
Friday, May 17
Friday, June 28
Friday, July 26
Friday, August 23
Friday, September 27
Friday, October 25
Friday, November 22
Friday, December 20

Join Manhattan Borough Board Meetings

If you would like to submit testimony to a scheduled borough board hearing, please send a copy of your testimony to, or sign up to attend virtually through the link.