MBP Levine Calls for Major Changes in Online Package Delivery in NYC

October 12, 2022
Contact: Winthrop Roosevelt // 617-680-0158 // wroosevelt@manhattanbp.nyc.gov
Full Report HERE: on.nyc.gov/3CsRWA5
Informational Video on Report: youtu.be/27ACFN4ST_s

New York –  Wednesday, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine released a report with recommendations aimed at reducing congestion and quality-of-life challenges posed by the 2.4 million packages delivered daily in New York City.

“Online shopping is not going away, so we must be forward-thinking and take action now to make e-commerce package delivery more efficient, green, and safe,” said Manhattan Borough President Levine. “This report, which is the final installment of the Manhattan Borough President’s office’s Campaign to Curb Congestion, is an important step in that effort.”

Every day, 2.4 million packages are transported and delivered to residents and businesses throughout the five boroughs. Manhattan receives by far the highest concentration of these deliveries per square mile.

Delivery vehicles regularly block our streets, sidewalks, bus stops, and bike lanes to unload, sort, and deliver packages. These pervasive illegal parking practices create severe traffic jams and unsafe roads, particularly for residents with mobility challenges, pedestrians, and bikers. These gas-guzzling delivery trucks also generate significant air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, harming New Yorkers’ health and accelerating climate change.

To address these challenges, Borough President Levine’s report includes four overarching goals and 12 policy recommendations.

Here is the plan at a glance: 

Goal 1: Take package sorting and unloading off our streets and sidewalks. To move these last-mile operations to more suitable locations, Levine recommends:
  • Converting underutilized private parking garages into e-commerce fulfillment centers.
  • Exploring utilizing our waterfront for cargo delivery and staging
Goal 2Ensure residential areas can meet the growing demand for deliveries. To reduce package-related stress in neighborhoods, Levine recommends:
  • Making loading zones ubiquitous in all residential neighborhoods in Manhattan
  • Growing the network of access point locations at mom-and-pop shops
  • Launching a common carrier parcel locker pilot program
Goal 3: Make e-commerce deliveries more sustainable. To incentivize carriers to use smaller and greener delivery fleets, Levine recommends:
  • Varying Congestion Pricing fees by vehicle size, type, and time of day
  • Piloting Green Loading Zones across Manhattan
  • Amending legislation to allow e-cargo bikes to be 48 inches in width
  • Building more public charging infrastructure for e-bikes
Goal 4: Better enforce the City’s traffic laws. To improve e-commerce delivery vehicles’ compliance with the City’s traffic laws and parking regulations, Levine recommends:
  • Increasing enforcement of illegal parking violations in loading zones
  • Updating the Stipulated Fine Program’s fine schedule
  • Expanding the use of automated enforcement technology

“The recommendations outlined in my plan are common-sense, actionable steps the City and State can take to start addressing the negative environmental, health, safety, economic, and quality-of-life issues caused by e-commerce package delivery,” said Manhattan Borough President Levine.

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