In NY Post: Manhattan pols ask MTA to let bus riders board thru the back door

Some Big Apple politicians are “concerned” that back-door entry on MTA buses won’t ever come to fruition — despite the agency having the right hardware already installed which would help speed up bus times.

The pols, led by Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, voiced their frustrations in a May 13 letter to MTA CEO Janno Lieber.

“The MTA has already done the hardest part, which is to install OMNY readers at every door,” Levine told The Post on Thursday. “I am perplexed by why they would go through all the expense and effort to install OMNY readers at every door and not turn them on.”

Levine was referring to the completed installation of “OMNY” tap-and-go readers early last year, but the MTA has yet to turn them on — in part, they say, because nine in 10 bus riders still pay with cash or MetroCards.

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