Housing Manhattanites

We need your help identifying over 73,000 potential new housing units across Manhattan.

Graphic for New York Times article featuring Borough President Mark Levine, titled "A Housing Plan for Manhattan's Empty Spaces"

Housing Manhattanites

NYC isn’t just facing a housing shortage, it’s facing a full-blown affordability crisis. To solve this problem and create more housing for New Yorkers, we released Housing Manhattanites, a report which identified 170 locations across the borough where there are opportunities to create the housing we need.

To see the sites we have identified and learn more about our plan to build more housing, click on the report below:

Cover of "Housing Manhattanites: A Report of Where and How to Build the Housing We Need"

Locations We Have Identified

Click, scroll, and zoom through our map to see the over 170 locations we identified as potential new housing!

*The information contained in this map is for illustrative purposes only and does not contain exact measurements for potential rezonings, text amendments, or property lines. This map utilizes information from NYC DCP MapPLUTO 22v3.1

Suggest A Manhattan Housing Site

Have a site you think should accommodate additional housing? Don’t see in our plan? Fill out the form below:


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