Reckoning with a future NYC shaped by artificial intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence will Transform NYC

A Call to Action on AI in NYC

The Manhattan Borough President’s Office presents A Call To Action on AI in NYC, a series of recommendations and steps that must be taken to manage the transformative impacts of generative AI in New York City. We highlight the immense potential of this technology to invigorate our economy, expand educational opportunities, revolutionize healthcare, and unlock novel avenues of creativity. However, we also acknowledge the associated risks, including job displacement, amplification of biases, propagation of misinformation, infringement of copyrights, and threats to privacy. 

To address these issues, this agenda outlines proposals for our city’s government, schools, employment sector, creative professionals, local elections, and AI safety initiatives. We call for: 

  • The development of AI usage policies in government agencies
  • The integration of AI education in schools
  • Planning for workforce disruptions due to AI
  • Protections of intellectual property in AI applications
  • Guarding against AI-generated misinformation in elections
  • The establishment of an AI safety research hub

Read our recommendation, A Call to Action on AI in NYC by clicking below!

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Generative AI technology (like ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc) is advancing at an astonishing rate. This will have profound implications for New York City—on our economy, workers, schools, local elections, city government operations, and more. Our city needs to mobilize to meet this moment.

We’d like to hear from you: what do you see as the opportunities and threats to NYC from AI? How should we be responding?

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