Small Business Loan Program

Providing $2 million in interest-free loans to Manhattan small businesses recovering from the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on the financial health of our communities. Nowhere is this more evident than in mom-and-pop shops, who perhaps suffered the biggest blow during this crisis. Despite a rebounding economy,  many of these small businesses continue to struggle, and many of them desperately need access to capital now.

That is why the Office of the Manhattan Borough President has partnered with the Hebrew Free Loan Society to offer $2 million in interest-free loans to small businesses that have faced financial hardship during the pandemic.

This Manhattan Small Business Booster Loan Program will supercharge small businesses and entrepreneurs that are still struggling to bounce back by offering up to $50,000 in zero-interest loans that can be used toward things like equipment, rent, utilities, salaries, marketing, and so much more. This program will be a vital lifeline to people who cannot access commercial credit and will help business owners focus on growing their products, services, and creative endeavors that make Manhattan one of the commercial epicenters of the world.

The Hebrew Free Loan Society is a non-sectarian lender, so you do not need to be affiliated with Judaism to participate in the loan program.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who might benefit from this loan, we strongly encourage you to apply. You can learn more on this page, or you can contact our office for assistance at 212-669-8300 or

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