Manhattan BP Levine Announces New Platform For Constituents To Suggest Housing Development Sites


As part of the next phase in the BP’s plan to tackle the housing crisis.

Friday, April 14, 2023
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NEW YORK – Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine’s office today announced a way for constituents to suggest potential sites for housing development. The web portal is the next phase in the “Housing Manhattanites” plan, released in January, which aims to tackle the city’s housing crisis.

In a statement, Borough President Levine said, “Since the announcement of the ‘Housing Manhattanites‘ plan, we’ve been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from community members, city officials, and even from the Mayor Adams administration. Many people offered suggestions for potential development sites, which demonstrated a clear desire for a more democratic approach, so we decided to open up the process and involve our constituents at the ground level.”

The new web portal will provide a user-friendly platform for Manhattan residents to identify and suggest sites for new housing developments. Users can submit information about potential sites, which will then be reviewed and evaluated by the Borough President’s office for feasibility and alignment with the goals of the “Housing Manhattanites” plan. This innovative approach aims to make the process of identifying and developing new housing more transparent, inclusive, and community-driven.

Borough President Levine’s office encourages all Manhattan residents to participate in this exciting initiative and help shape the future of housing in their community.

Click HERE to access the web portal and submit a suggested site for housing development.


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