Newsletter: Putting Pressure on the Putin Regime

This has been a week of significant news both globally and locally.

The Governor and Mayor announced that as of next Monday (3/7) a number of Covid measures will be lifted, including masking in schools and screening for vaccination in restaurants, museums, and other indoor venues.

While we have made enormous progress against Covid, with our omicron wave now behind us, these protective measures are being lifted at a time when we are still seeing 800-900 cases per day.

We have more work to do to beat back this pandemic. We need to increase youth vaccination (still less than 50% for ages 5-11 in NYC). We need to push hard to increase the booster rate (still less than 50% for adults here). We need to make testing as easy and ubiquitous as possible. With smart public health strategies, we can bring about the comeback we all want for Manhattan and New York City.

Meanwhile our hearts are feeling the pain of the horrific war being waged on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. We must do everything possible to support New York City’s large Ukrainian community. We also need to do our part to pressure the Putin regime to end this immoral war.

That’s why I have called for the seizure of luxury real estate assets in Manhattan owned by Putin-connected oligarchs. We need to send a message that our city will hold accountable those who have aided and abetted Putin’s reprehensible actions.

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