In NY Daily News: EDITORIAL: A package deal: Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine has some good ideas on package deliveries; let’s see more

Seal of the Office of Mark Levine, Manhattan Borough President

Give Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine points for floating a plan to do something about seemingly ubiquitous double-parking deliveries by trucks and vans that are the bane of many a bicyclist and bus driver. The city should build on his ideas as it iterates a better way.

The rise of e-commerce, further boosted during COVID, has changed routines forever. New Yorkers now receive an estimated 2.4 million packages a day, delivered via UPS, FedEx, Amazon and U.S. Postal Service vehicles that clog tight streets where there are already zero-sum tradeoffs between cars, buses, bicycles, e-bikes and other things that go. It’s well and good to wish the packages would disappear and local brick-and-mortar would rebound in a virtuous cycle, but New Yorkers are choosing to order from price-competitive online retailers. That’s their right.

Manhattan, where streets are narrowest and congestion tends to be the worst, bears the brunt of the problem — but all throughout the city, there’s got to be a better way.

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