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The City: Hub for Gig Workers, Community Board Diversity Top Manhattan BP To-Do List

New Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine is aiming to create a “resources center” for gig economy workers like deliveristas, while also shaking up diversity on his community boards –– aiming to recruit more cyclists and pedestrians. Both initiatives are part of Levine’s “transition report,” which details 29 long-term goals organized under several priorities that include equity, public health, and resiliency and sustainability. Read the full article HERE.… Read more

Newsletter: A difficult few weeks…

Manhattan has experienced a difficult few weeks. We have had too many tragic incidents. Too much loss.Today I was at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the funeral for Officer Jason Rivera, killed in the line of duty last Friday together with his partner Officer Wilbert Mora. My heart breaks for their families and the uptown communities which knew and loved them so dearly.Out of this month of tragedies has… Read more

New York Post: Manhattan officials ask MTA to ‘quickly’ test subway platform barriers after fatal shove

Manhattan’s leading elected officials want the MTA to “move as quickly as possible” to test platform barriers at subway stations in their borough after last week’s fatal shoving death of Michelle Go in Times Square. Borough President Mark Levine said the MTA must overcome its longstanding reluctance to embrace platform barriers, which officials have warned would be incredibly complicated to make happen at many stations. Read the full article HERERead more

Manhattan Times: “We need to do something”

Housing court cases are set to resume, with the court system facing an estimated backlog of about 200,000 cases that were placed on hold due to the pandemic-related eviction ban. The majority of the pending cases are for non-payment of rent. “We are sounding the alarm today in the face of what could be an avalanche of evictions to crash over tenants in this city, on a scale that we’ve… Read more

Streetsblog: Manhattan BP Looks To ‘Balance’ Community Boards By Asking if Applicants Own a Car

New Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine is looking to ensure better “balance” on his borough’s 12 community board by adding a new question about vehicle ownership to the application to serve. Along with other questions — such as whether would-be board members are homeowners or renters, if they’re business owners, and demographic questions about race and sexual orientation — potential Manhattan panelists will be asked a yes or no… Read more

Newsletter: We must extend the eviction moratorium

The New York State moratorium on evictions is set to expire tomorrow – January 15.This would leave many tenants battered by the pandemic vulnerable to losing their homes and exacerbate the current Covid case surge our city is battling. The neighborhoods hit hardest by the pandemic mirror the neighborhoods that are most vulnerable to Covid. We cannot have  evicted tenants being forced onto the streets or into congregate shelters… Read more

Newsletter: A busy start at the MBPO

I’ve now been on the job as your new Manhattan Borough President for about a week and half. What a busy time it’s been.I have been focused intensely on the fight against NYC’s ongoing omicron wave. Thankfully it appears we are now plateauing, but the enormous number of New Yorkers still getting sick—and hospitalized—is continuing to disrupt our city in profound ways. Read the full newsletter HERE.… Read more


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As a city of immigrants, NYC is proud to help meet federal obligations to asylum seekers. But NYC elected officials are clear: the federal gov't should bear the cost.

Letter w/ @nycpa, @bronxbp, @BKBPReynoso, @MBPMarkLevine & 28 members of @nyccouncil to President Biden & FEMA:

Happy Lunar New Year from the Manhattan Borough President's Office! May this year bring you and your family health, happiness and prosperity. #LunarNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit

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